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Episode 240_3 Questions Every Leader Should Ask Every Day

Episode 240_3 Questions Every Leader Should Ask Every Day

July 6, 2021

Mike shares 3 Questions Every Leader Should Ask Every Day.

  1. What am I doing to improve the experience that my employees are having under my leadership? 

Statistically, 70% of employees are not satisfied with their leader. The main reason for this is they do not feel valued. Setting daily goals to keep you on track.

     2. What are we doing as a team to improve the experience of our customers? 

We have to make sure that the team is trained and educated to make sure the customer has a great first and last impression. The values of the company have to be evident throughout the team. We have created 8 Ways to Create Championship Customer Service- email Mike to get more information on how to gain access to this great tool.

     3. What do I need to improve in my leadership capacity?

Is there a gap between where we are now and where we need to be? You have to find where the gaps are.  It could be in communication, training, accountability, or coaching. Wherever the gaps are you have to close them.

We have some great tools for you to use to help in these areas. We have shared links below to make it convenient for you to find them. 

July Webinar- Building a High-Performance Culture

Executive Book Summaries

Daily Compass Quarterly Planner

40-Day Success Challenge


Episode 239 The Leadership Challenge with Jim Kouzes

Episode 239 The Leadership Challenge with Jim Kouzes

June 29, 2021

On this episode of The LeadUp Podcast Mike is joined by special guest Jim Kouzes. 

Jim is a best-selling author of The Leadership Challenge

They waste no time diving into the gaps in leadership today. According to Jim, the biggest gap is between frontlines and the senior executives.  The farther you get from the leader the lower the scores. 

All the ZOOM meetings and technology that we use now to communicate with our teams can take out some personalized conversations. Jim suggests making some time at the beginning of the meetings to get better acquainted with the team.

Jim also shared the importance of meeting with each individual during the workweek. This could be a 10-minute face-to-face or a phone call. 

Research shows most leaders do not get their first leadership training until 10 years after being in a leadership role. Can you imagine being on a plane and the pilot not telling you they had been flying but without any training? 

Leadership training is so important - leadership is about relationships.

The more you set a good example and make the values of the organization clear the more engagement you will have with the team. Studies show when employees feel like they are making an impact and that they matter the longer they will stay with their company. 

Jim says they are finding in research that employees are needing more compassion and support from their leaders more than ever.

We should ask ourselves as leaders -What are the skills and abilities that I need to have, in order for them to perform at their highest level? After all, what's the job of a leader anyway to make people better, worse, or stay the same?

Listen to the entire interview for more great insight from Jim. 


Learn more about Jim on his website.

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Episode 238 Leading After the Trauma with Diana Hendel

Episode 238 Leading After the Trauma with Diana Hendel

June 16, 2021

We welcome our special guest, Diana Hendel to this episode of The LeadUp Podcast. 

Diana is a former CEO of Long Beach Memorial Medical Center and Miller Children's and Women's Hospital in California. She is the co-author of Why Cope When You Can Heal? : How Healthcare Heroes of COVID-19 Can Recover from PTSD and author of Responsible: A Memoir

Diana shares, how midway in her career, she found having an executive coach to be a valuable asset to her growth as a leader. Her coach helped her work through areas of vulnerability that she might otherwise push aside.

Diana talks with Mike about trauma and crisis and how they can create a lot of unnecessary stress.

"Crisis does not make us a leader, it reveals whether we are a leader," Mike.

Diana shares a traumatic experience she had while being CEO. An employee came into her hospital and shot and killed 2 supervisors and then turned the gun on himself.

She learned a very important lesson as a leader that day - that it was crucial for her to be able to guide those she leads through this crisis.

She was the leader but had also gone through the same trauma the rest of her team had endured.

In her book, she talks about the importance of not just coping but processing the cause to move towards healing and closure. 

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Episode237 3 Things To Know To Build Your Team

Episode237 3 Things To Know To Build Your Team

June 9, 2021

In episode 237 Mike shares 3 Things to Know to Build a Team.

Whether you are the Hiring Manager or just a leader in general hiring the wrong person can disrupt the whole team.

Mike shares the importance of knowing yourself so that you don't make the same mistakes when hiring that you have in the past.

Every interview question you ask needs to be built around the values of the organization. 

Mike has interviewed 1000's of candidates for various levels of positions and reviewed even more resumes. He is very aware of how important it is to not waste time and money on someone that is not in line with where you want your team to go.

Did you know 67% of companies in America say they make hiring mistakes? One way to solve this is to have processes in place from hiring to training and continued connection after the first 90 days. 

We offer some great tools on our website that can help improve your hiring process. Just click the links below or contact us for more information on how we can help you developed your hiring and onboarding systems. 

The Master of Hiring Action Pack

Become a Master of Hiring-webinar

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Episode 236 View from the Top with Aaron Walker

Episode 236 View from the Top with Aaron Walker

June 2, 2021

On this special guest episode, we are joined by Aaron Walker. Aaron is the author of View From The Top, a must-read to fully understand how to live a life of success and significance.

Aaron shares with us the importance of striving for excellence, doing the hard stuff, and surrounding ourselves with people that will lift us to be our best. 

"You've got to always be sharpening your saw, you've always got to be getting the little extra edge. Not just going out there, like a bottle rocket without a stick on it, you know, spewing around everywhere."~ Aaron Walker

Aaron tells us why we've got to look outward more, we've got to look for opportunities around us to be a leader. Having mentors to help us think through our ideas and help us grow. When we can find an environment that we can be honest, authentic, transparent, and vulnerable, that we can then eradicate those things from our life and get on solid ground so that we can build an amazing life. 

Listen to the entire episode for more insight from Aaron and Mike. 

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Aaron's website View from the Top  


Click here to purchase the Daily Compass Quarterly Planner Mike mentioned in the podcast.


Episode 235 Greater Fortune with Marie Cosgrove

Episode 235 Greater Fortune with Marie Cosgrove

May 19, 2021

There are people who have excuses in life, and there are people who make excuses. Our guest today has every reason to make excuses, but instead has made a greater fortune.

We are joined by special guest Marie Cosgrove. Marie has written a book, Greater Fortune: Essential Lessons from the Entrepreneur Who Bought the Company who Fired Her.

Marie talks about the less than ideal start in her life she had and how that has impacted her to work hard. She shares the story of how her grandmother fought for her mother and her to give them life. 

Marie was a single mom of 4 kids, she had sole custody and worked to be a top seller for the company she worked for. She was expecting a promotion but instead was fired because she was making too much money.

With the encouragement of friends, she started her own company. She used her mindset, perseverance, her faith and surrounded herself with others that believed in her to go after her dream.

Marie shares how the negative voices we sometimes listen to, pushed her to invest in leadership training so she could lead her team better.

To be inspired to be all you were created to be, listen to this episode on The Lead Up Podcast. 

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Episode 234 3 Types of Mentors You Need

Episode 234 3 Types of Mentors You Need

May 14, 2021

Happy May 14th. I am happy to share a lesson on mentorship today with you and hope you find great value in the ideas.

I grew up without great modeling and a dad who didn't and still doesn't have mentors. So, making mistakes is commonplace in the lives of those who don't seek advice from others.

In the episode you will listen to in episode 234, I share 3 types of mentors we all need but why you should also be there for others.

Make sure you leave us a comment and share it with your colleagues and friends. 

Episode 233 Health with an Attitude with Fred Kienle

Episode 233 Health with an Attitude with Fred Kienle

May 5, 2021

We are joined by Fred Kienle on this episode of the LeadUp podcast.

Fred and Mike discuss the difference between being retired from a company and retired from life. You always have to have a purpose or you will waste away.

Fred has met many people during his 76 years and has observed that the ones who are healthier, happier, and stronger are those with good attitudes. 

If you change your attitude you can change your life.

Good leaders stop and assess themselves, they ask themselves questions and then say, 'I got to get back on board. Take a deep breath.'

Fred believes that leadership is an attitude- everyone from the CEO to the person that answers the phone. Everyone should be the best at their position. Everyone is a leader. Listen in on this inspiring conversation with Fred Keinle and Mike Harbour


Fred's books Health with an Attitude and Success with an Attitude are available on Amazon.

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Episode 232 Get Your Reset On with Allison Liddle

Episode 232 Get Your Reset On with Allison Liddle

April 28, 2021

We welcome special guest Allison Liddle to the show again. 

Allison Liddle is a 3x best-selling author of Life Under Construction, The Art of imperfect Action, and Keep Going, Co-Captian & Participant on the new TVSeries "Four Days to Save the World," top motivational speaker, leadership trainer, podcast host, CEO/Founder of AllisonLiddle Consulting, President of ProsperWealth Management, and mother to two. 

In this episode, Allison and Mike explore some tips from her new book Reset Your Life in Thirty Days. Allison talks about her own journey of resetting after seeking to be all and do all things all the time.

"I'm super excited and grateful that this book is coming out at the time that it's coming out because the last 12 months have been pretty difficult for most people in some way, shape, or form. I understand that all of our experiences are different. And some of us are still trying to find our way. But this book actually came to me in September 2019, I felt like God or the universe or something was whispering to me telling me that I needed to take a reset."

"Let's talk about the word detox for just a minute because many people hear that word and think, well I'm not an abuser of substances."

"You can think about detox like helping your body feel better and heal itself better. And so when I was thinking about really what I wanted that subtitle to be, this guide is really helping people go through different areas of their life in order to really show up as our best selves first. 

Allison talks about the launch of her Youth Leadership Conference. This conference will include over 150 high school students and will help them launch their dreams. "Young people need adults in their life that believe in them, and help them amplify their strengths, and minimize their weaknesses." 

When you start competing against others, you start looking at what they do well, and what you don't do so well versus leaning into your strengths.

Allison has written a new book, Reset Your Life in 30 Days: A Guide to Detox Your Mind, Body & Spirit. The process is simple but impactful. Living in survival in burnout zone actually will impact your body in different ways.

You can follow Allison on LinkedIn.  

Learn more about her and her mission on her website .

Episode 231 Separate Yourself in the Job Market with Sarah Johnston

Episode 231 Separate Yourself in the Job Market with Sarah Johnston

April 20, 2021

We welcome special guest Sarah Johnston on this week's episode. 

Sarah is a former executive healthcare recruiter and now as CEO of the Briefcase Coach, she helps executives and leaders approach job search strategically.

Sarah shares with our listeners how to really broaden your search to 25-35 companies in the area you are searching.

Sarah suggests that you are clear on who you are, and what value you would bring to an organization, what your strengths are, and what your transferable skills are, and who hires people like this for those jobs.

Focus on how you can build relationships and meet new people who can be a part of your job search journey.

You can find Sarah on LinkedIn

And at

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