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Episode 140 5 Ways to Jump Start Your Leadership

Episode 140 5 Ways to Jump Start Your Leadership

July 30, 2019

Use your perception, you may say well, I'm not very perceptive. Some people are, some people aren't, This is a skill that can be developed. 

What I want you to do is to perceive and learn, learn to see the needs around you, learn to see the problems around you. And the opportunities, there are to lead. 

Don't just point the problems out. Don't sit around and criticize the problems, get up and do something about it. But you gotta learn to be perceptive about it. See, most people are just perceptive about things that they don't have, we kind of hang on to our, our weaknesses, we hang on to the negative things that we say about ourselves, between our ears.

We have to learn to ask questions. Where can I support you? What Have you tried so far? What Have you done that's worked? What Have you done that hasn't work? Where can my experience I have work and how can I support you in that? What can I do to help you? Who can I connect you with?

Seeing this is using your supportive strengths, versus trying to fix the problems or do it for them and like me becoming impatient because they don't take action as most people wait. They're waiting on someone to do it , and I like doing things for everybody, what I want to do is teach them how to do it, and then let them own it, and move forward in that.


Episode 139 The Anatomy of Transformation with Willard Barth

Episode 139 The Anatomy of Transformation with Willard Barth

July 25, 2019

Willard Barth is the author of The Anatomy of Transformation 

Willard has experienced his own life and leadership transformation and shares his formula for success on The Lead Up Podcast.

I learned the comeback story, the levels of competence and the skills necessary to improve your life and results whether in business, leadership or your own personal journey. 

Change is inevitable, growth is optional. Transformation is a choice!

Willard Barth is a successful Business Consultant and Peak Performance Strategist who has gone through those transformations himself, as well as guided his clients through those transformations for over 29 years. His approach to business and life was documented in his #1 Best Selling Book The Anatomy of Transformation where he lays out the system he has applied to overcome personal changes such as losing his leg to cancer as a child, abuse, alcohol addiction, jail, $250,000 debt  and homelessness to becoming one of the leaders in his field, recognized around the world and helping his clients achieve 30-300% growth! One client achieved a 93% increase in revenues in 12 months while another went from 15 employees and $32M in annual revenue to over 65 employees and $124M in revenue in 18 months making them one of the top 10 fastest growing companies in NJ.

Licensed Master NAP Trainer & NLP Practitioner

Author, Business Consultant and Transformation Expert


Get your FREE copy of The #1 Best Seller The Anatomy of Transformation

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Episode 138 Can You Punch Fear in the Mouth

Episode 138 Can You Punch Fear in the Mouth

July 24, 2019

Do you experience fear? What scares you? What is fear?

Those are some questions we have to answer. Look, I haven't met anyone yet that hasn't experienced fear in their or, is not currently experiencing some fear in their life, whether it's a CEO of an organization fearing for his job, because he's not, you know, the board maybe doesn't have board support, he or she doesn't have board support, or, you know, they work for a for profit corporation. There is pressure from all sides.

There is a fear of, can the business continue to go and grow? And, provide for the staff we have? So what is fear?

Fear is not fake. It's a real, it's an experienced emotion. It's real to you. I love the quote from Will Smith and the movie After Earth.

What I've got to make sure of is I Don't let what's going on between my ears, create chaos for me, and create more fear for me.

Episode 137 Which Position Do You Play In Life

Episode 137 Which Position Do You Play In Life

July 22, 2019

I've really found that there's there's four types of people in life, and there are four types of leaders.

I love the quote that I learned many years ago from Zig Zigler. He said if you help enough other people get more of what they want, You'll get a whole lot more of what you want.

Think about that for a minute, we cannot give what we do not have. But we will give what we do have. Meaning if you're putting negativity into your thoughts. If you're consuming negativity, If you're consuming constant negative news or any of the other news, it just buckets buckets of negativity.

If that's what you're consuming, If you're consuming things that are negative, whether it be through TV, or news media, or social media, which is where we a lot of people consume their information today then you will share this with others. 

Another category or maybe you know, someone like this in life, they only ask you for something when they need it, you know, they're only nice to you when they need help, Right?

If you lead this type of person, your your job as a leader is to increase your influence with them, Begin to hold them accountable, begin to attach, what they do to a purpose connect to their heart, ask them to raise the bar, continue to raise the bar hold the bar high.

Episode 136 Look for Opportunities to Be a Difference Maker with Sommer Sherrod

Episode 136 Look for Opportunities to Be a Difference Maker with Sommer Sherrod

July 18, 2019

In life we are exposed to people and opportunities to make a difference. It is truly allowing yourself to be open to meet new people and make new friends and learn from them how you can be a better person, better leader and better communicator.

Our Lead Up Podcast guest is an inspiration to others and is making a difference in the lives of others through her desire to serve. Join her in her movement on Linked In #surroundyourself Connect with her so she can be a difference in your life.

Episode 135 Transform Your Life with Michael Chapman

Episode 135 Transform Your Life with Michael Chapman

July 15, 2019

I met Michael through our Linked In Networking and have followed him and his story for a while now. I love how people can re-make themselves and Michael is one who has done that and is will to be real about it with you and The Lead Up audience. If you aren't already, connect with Michael on Linked In and learn from him the way I have.

Episode 134 4 Leadership Activities That Drive Results

Episode 134 4 Leadership Activities That Drive Results

July 11, 2019

If you're not a really good leader, if you're not a really good at the four things I'm going to share with you today, you'll have an impact. However, it's going to be negative and it's going to impact your results.

You will create negative results, and negative key performance indicators that you get measured by and eventually, either you are going to lose great team members that are helping you. Team members that can help you reach that next level, or you're going to lose your job.

You are gonna lose your position as a leader, at least within the organization that you're in.

Episode 133 How Leaders Build An Online Brand with Dave Gambrill

Episode 133 How Leaders Build An Online Brand with Dave Gambrill

July 9, 2019

As leaders our brand is important. Even if you work for an organization and aren't an entrepreneur, your online presence says a lot about you, your beliefs and the value you add to the world. 

I believe all leaders should be aware of this and learn how to add value while building your own personal brand in the social media stratosphere. 

However, I am a rookie and still learning. My guest Dave Gambrill is a pro and I have watched him over the last few years create a huge presence and brand and go from someone like me, to sharing the table with major leaders in the marketplace due to his consistent message and brand building. 

In my conversation with Dave, he shares with us what we should be thinking, doing and building to create our future network and net-worth. 

If you are overwhelmed by all the resources our there, Dave is one of the best resources I know to learn what is best in class. He has a guide for you at you can download as a gift for listening.

Also you can find Dave in his Private Digital Media Mentoring Facebook Group


Episode 132 5 Principles of High Performance Growth Teams

Episode 132 5 Principles of High Performance Growth Teams

July 8, 2019

We are on the downhill side of 2019, the downhill side of this decade, What are you going to do? What are you going to do to set yourself up for success in these next six months? What are you going to do to set yourself up for success in 2020 and beyond?

It's not what you do then, it's what you do now to begin to set yourself up for success. I mean, it's just like our health, we can't begin to take care of our health when it's too late, right, when we get the bad health report?

We've got to begin to take care of it now.

And The same thing goes with leadership. When your back is against the wall, It's too late to try to take care of it. You've got to begin to grow, you've got to begin to take care of some things today. So that you're prepared for the future.

I remember John Wooden I learned from him, you know, John Wooden was the great basketball coach of 13 NCAA college basketball titles back in the 70s. he said, you don't wait for the moment to get ready, You Get ready so you're fully prepared when the moment arrives.

The same thing about leadership, you don't wait until your back is against the wall to get ready. You don't wait until it's too late to start growing. You don't wait until your turnover is so high that you start to learn how to be a leader, you don't wait until the company starts letting people go that you decide to be a great leader.

You just be a great leader; that way, when the company is  going to do a reduction in force, they're going to keep their best, They're not gonna let the best go. Make yourself the best. And if they do end up letting you go, Guess what you're prepared for the next role or the next company and the next opportunity, you've got more to offer them as well.

Today, we're talking about five principles of high performance growth. And in any any type of growth, it starts with great principles, right? You've got to have some great foundation, some principles that guide your processes in your decision making in the hiring and the the people you bring onto the team.

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