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Episode 202 Influencer of Healthcare Leaders with Scott Becker

Episode 202 Influencer of Healthcare Leaders with Scott Becker

September 23, 2020

BIO: Scott Becker previously served on the McGuireWoods LLP Board of Partners and served for nearly 15 years as chairman of the firm’s national Healthcare department. McGuireWoods has one of the best-regarded healthcare practices in the world.

Scott is the Founder and the Publisher of Beckers Healthcare and Beckers Hospital Review and its related events and publications. Mr. Becker remains the Publisher and Chief Content Officer of Beckers HealthCare.

Scott also produces the Becker Group C-Suite Report and related media. All C-Suite efforts are wholly outside of healthcare.

Mr. Becker is a Harvard Law School Graduate and a University of Illinois undergraduate business school graduate in Finance and Accounting. He is also the author of four books and a CPA.

"I started Becker's healthcare almost 30 years ago now I was a young lawyer, literally trying to build a reputation and brand in the legal business and started a small newsletter around surgery centers."- Scott  Becker

It's really been a labor of love to watch it grow. So much of life depends on the right people and building the right teams. And that clearly has been the, you know, the understanding of what can happen to the platform that can be built. But it was really the team of people that just organized, built, and recruited that made us into a serious very successful serious little media company and great, great fun.

There's, there's so many examples of magnificent frontline leaders out there that have just stayed so focused on their mission of keeping healthcare systems vibrant and doing great while dealing with the covid pandemic there's so many of them that it's hard to mention any specific ones if forced to out start mentioning a bunch of names because there's some that I've just been really blown away with by their efforts to this fantastic effort but there's so many of them that have just done remarkable work.


Becker Hospital Review

Episode 201 5 Ways to Stand Up in Leadership

Episode 201 5 Ways to Stand Up in Leadership

September 16, 2020
The first way you can stand up you have to stay true to your values as a leader. Now, this is assuming you know what your values are. And if you don't, then I highly recommend that you do some work on understanding what your values are.

As a leader, if you don't stand true to your values, when you're faced with the difficult decisions,  when you're faced with crisis with chaos like we've been faced with for so many months now since March of 2020, you'll get pushed around.

Trust yourself if you are growing. Make sure you've got a circle of people who can give you good advice. The advice that you get is not near as important as who you get it from.
Never quit on yourself. Never quit working to be a better leader, never quit working to be a better human, never quit working to learn more, never quit working to be a better communicator, a better team builder, never quit on yourself.
Draw lines in the sand. And don't waver on sticking up for other people. Right now in the world, there's a huge vacuum for leadership. I've been saying literally for years, the world is screaming for leadership. And that's never been more true than it's been the last six months. And right now the world is screaming for leadership. It's easy for you to shine as a leader right now, by just doing some of the simple things. 
Hiring the right talent matters as a leader, check out our new interview guides:
Episode 200 Mindset Mastery with Paul Martinelli

Episode 200 Mindset Mastery with Paul Martinelli

September 9, 2020

Learn how my mentor and friend Paul Martinelli went from janitor to number 1 Coaching Guru in the World.

Some notes from our conversation. 

I was not programmed with prosperity consciousness. I was programmed with poverty consciousness, and I was raised by a single mom in a very abusive home, but both physically, emotionally, and verbally. And like all of us kind of on the playground of life...

In the 1970s a speech impediment was considered a learning disability.

I didn't understand at the time, my self-belief, my self-image, my self-esteem was being programmed, how I saw me, what I believed my worth was. And the power of that is twofold.

One is that our beliefs drive our behavior. You will never see somebody create results that are incongruent with what they believe. Now, they may act for a short period of time, you know, beyond their belief,  but this is why people self-sabotage.

The second power of this is not only do we not only sell, reproduce kind of who we are and what we believe, but it controls what we'll even think is possible. So, when somebody brings to you an idea that is far beyond what you believe is possible for your life, even if it's what you want, you will reject the idea. You will make an agreement with your self-belief limitation rather than your God gifted infinite potential.

With this limiting self-belief, I end up failing out of school. You know, I produced what I believed. I was considered learning disabled. I wasn't learning disabled until I was programmed. I mean, I got a brother who went to the same schools that I did live in the same house, same DNA, same environment, who's got a doctor degree from Carnegie Mellon University, a brother who was an Apache helicopter pilot, you're a military guy, don't pick dumb ones to fly those. I have a sister who graduated number one in our nursing school, you know, you got to be pretty sharp to be you know, number one in your nursing school, and I failed out of school. 

I was cleaning toilets because I thought any dummy could clean a toilet. And I was any dummy, right?

If I were a piece of marble, Michelangelo would still be chipping away at me.


Having worked his way up from mop bucket to millionaire, Paul has practiced — and proven — what he preaches. His thirst and passion for growth is evident in his desire to help others achieve success – the true mark of a great leader. Find out more about Paul here. 


Episode 199 Thinking Beyond with Rachael Gillette

Episode 199 Thinking Beyond with Rachael Gillette

September 2, 2020

In this episode, Mike talks with special guest Rachael Gillette, host of ENTRECON 2020. She shares how leaders need to be focused to create clarity on their team. The importance of communication not just speaking but listening. 

Oftentimes we thought we'd have communicated something and somebody is saying something completely different.

Whatever it is, we are operating differently, we have to think beyond the way that we're doing it. So now what we're talking about is saying, okay, we're in this situation we may not like it we may not have the tools to be able to deal with it effectively.

We're going to give you them, we're going to come together in November and we are going to bring thought leaders around the world, experts on various different topics at ENTRECON 2020.

Over the last four years, the community has transformed EntreCon® into a conference for not just entrepreneurs, but for business owners, leaders, and employees alike. EntreCon® provides attendees with a front-row seat to both local and national speakers, practical knowledge and tools, and first-class networking within our community.

Be a part of the movement: Let’s create great places to work together.


BIO: Rachael Gillette, Chief Leadership Development Officer

Rachael is the director of training and development at Studer Community Institute. She is responsible for the creation of new and evolving curriculum, and the implementation of leadership programs, customized training, and conferences designed to improve employee skills and business results, building organizations with aligned values and engaged employees.

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