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Episode 219 Results That Last with Quint Studer

Episode 219 Results That Last with Quint Studer

January 27, 2021

In this episode, Mike talks with his friend and mentor Quint Studer. 

They are discussing Quint's book 'Results That Last'. Quint talks about why he wrote this book and how he wanted healthcare to be seen by those who were non-healthcare.

Quint shares the importance of creating systems that maximize what you are trying to accomplish. And if you don't get the results you are seeking, you step back and reevaluate the process to make it better. There are times when we do make adjustments based on the situation and that adjustment is something we do forever.

Quint says, "you've got to get the top right to get the rest of the organization right." He shares that compliance is so important in order to get the consistency you are looking for. 

Mike has created a tool to help you achieve the consistency you are needing, The Daily Compass Quarterly Planner. This planner will help you stay on task and create good habits. You can go to and order yours today. 

Quint shares his thoughts on communication and accountability and how these help you to achieve your outcome. 

Quint also shares some great resources with us on how to assess stress and trauma. These things are of great concern after 2020 and making sure we can move forward the best way possible. 

Show links: Stress and Trauma Video with Quint Studer

Resilience & Well-Being in Stressful Times

Episode 218 Leaders Must See it Before Others Buy Into It

Episode 218 Leaders Must See it Before Others Buy Into It

January 20, 2021

In this episode, Mike talks about having a vision for your leadership.

When a leader has no vision for themselves, their team or company they have no choice but to fall in line with others vision. Your future will be like your past if you don't change the way you do and see things.

Are you working toward a vision you have? Are you sharing your vision with others? You need to make sure you are focusing on your vision and goals daily. Try The Daily Compass Quarterly Planner to help keep you on track to making those visions a reality.

Last but not least, how are you communicating this vision to those around you? We are hosting a webinar on January 29th called Identifying Your Leader Language. Just click here to register and reserve your spot and learn more about how to communicate better to achieve your vision.



Episode 217 Breaking Average Leadership with Paul Gustavson

Episode 217 Breaking Average Leadership with Paul Gustavson

January 13, 2021

In this episode, Mike is joined by special guest Paul Gustavson where the topic is perseverance and why it is so important.

They talk about Paul's book Breaking Average : The 7 Critical Factors to Team Strong Leadership, where Mike is a contributing author.  The book is wrapped around the idea of victory.  They discuss how we are all called to break average and be more than we are now. It's team strong leadership, it's breaking average teamwork that makes the dream work. 

Paul shares how we need to cast a vision, we can't leave that to somebody else. You need vision but it has to be backed up by values. Start with a value inventory.  What are your values? Then you can get clear on your vision.

If you need help getting clear on those values, you can email Mike at and he will be glad to guide you through defining your values.  

Paul shares, "if we want to make an impact if we truly want to add value, that means we've got to be something more than we currently are today."

The resistance that we feel is actually an indicator that you're probably heading in the right direction and we got to take that head on the wind that's in our face, move forward, and persevere.

We all want victory at the end of the day, and we want sustained victories, not just one-time victory, it's continual impact, we continue to do that. And that's what breaking average is all about

Paul Gustavson has a passion for what he calls full spectrum innovation, which is centered on personal, technical, and corporate growth. In 2000, he helped cofound SimVentions, Inc., a technology firm that delivers engineering solutions for today’s military. SimVentions is frequently recognized as one of Virginia’s Best Places to Work and was named by Inc. Magazine as one of “The 50 Best Places to Work in 2016”. As the CTO, Paul leads in identifying and contributing to the company’s capability and influencing the strategic vision. Paul is an author of the recent book Breaking Average and Leaders Press On. Paul is also the co-host of the Breaking Average Podcast. As a leader with an engineering background, he is also an active member within the simulation and virtual reality communities. Paul and his wife Barbara live in Virginia.

About SimVentionsSimVentions tag line “Imagine. Create. Explore. Discover.” represents a culture centered on employee ownership, customers, and community. They are a technology firm supporting today’s military with innovative engineering solutions, and currently have over 300 employees across four locations. The core values for SimVentions include Customer Passion, and Continuous Development among others, and their purpose is marked with a commitment to operate using biblical principles. SimVentions is headquartered just south of Washington D.C. in Fredericksburg, VA, and you can find them on the web at


Episode 216 Realization to Transformation

Episode 216 Realization to Transformation

January 6, 2021

In this episode, Mike challenges you to have a transformational 2021.

What are you listening to? What are you feeding your mind on a daily basis? What are you consuming? 

As leaders, we must be diligent in leading and lifting others up to a common cause. 

The realization is we cannot add value to others unless we are willing to add value to ourselves. 

We must stop waiting on someone else to change, our circumstances to change- we must start the change with ourselves. We have to be conscious of what we think, watch, and say. 

Start today, get our new Daily Compass Quarterly Planner to keep track of your priorities and goals. Follow this link The Daily Compass Quarterly Planner to get yours today.

We have several resources to help you take charge of your year.

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