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Episode 232 Get Your Reset On with Allison Liddle

Episode 232 Get Your Reset On with Allison Liddle

April 28, 2021

We welcome special guest Allison Liddle to the show again. 

Allison Liddle is a 3x best-selling author of Life Under Construction, The Art of imperfect Action, and Keep Going, Co-Captian & Participant on the new TVSeries "Four Days to Save the World," top motivational speaker, leadership trainer, podcast host, CEO/Founder of AllisonLiddle Consulting, President of ProsperWealth Management, and mother to two. 

In this episode, Allison and Mike explore some tips from her new book Reset Your Life in Thirty Days. Allison talks about her own journey of resetting after seeking to be all and do all things all the time.

"I'm super excited and grateful that this book is coming out at the time that it's coming out because the last 12 months have been pretty difficult for most people in some way, shape, or form. I understand that all of our experiences are different. And some of us are still trying to find our way. But this book actually came to me in September 2019, I felt like God or the universe or something was whispering to me telling me that I needed to take a reset."

"Let's talk about the word detox for just a minute because many people hear that word and think, well I'm not an abuser of substances."

"You can think about detox like helping your body feel better and heal itself better. And so when I was thinking about really what I wanted that subtitle to be, this guide is really helping people go through different areas of their life in order to really show up as our best selves first. 

Allison talks about the launch of her Youth Leadership Conference. This conference will include over 150 high school students and will help them launch their dreams. "Young people need adults in their life that believe in them, and help them amplify their strengths, and minimize their weaknesses." 

When you start competing against others, you start looking at what they do well, and what you don't do so well versus leaning into your strengths.

Allison has written a new book, Reset Your Life in 30 Days: A Guide to Detox Your Mind, Body & Spirit. The process is simple but impactful. Living in survival in burnout zone actually will impact your body in different ways.

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Learn more about her and her mission on her website .

Episode 231 Separate Yourself in the Job Market with Sarah Johnston

Episode 231 Separate Yourself in the Job Market with Sarah Johnston

April 20, 2021

We welcome special guest Sarah Johnston on this week's episode. 

Sarah is a former executive healthcare recruiter and now as CEO of the Briefcase Coach, she helps executives and leaders approach job search strategically.

Sarah shares with our listeners how to really broaden your search to 25-35 companies in the area you are searching.

Sarah suggests that you are clear on who you are, and what value you would bring to an organization, what your strengths are, and what your transferable skills are, and who hires people like this for those jobs.

Focus on how you can build relationships and meet new people who can be a part of your job search journey.

You can find Sarah on LinkedIn

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Episode 230 Leadership Lessons from My Wall

Episode 230 Leadership Lessons from My Wall

April 15, 2021

Learning from our mistakes is crucial in growth. 

Mike shares some lessons from two leaders he admires. 

Abraham Lincoln made many mistakes and continued to grow and become President of the United States. For Abraham Lincoln, it was about getting up and trying it again, and again, and again.

Vince Lombardi one of the greatest football coaches ever said, "Winning is a habit, but so is losing." Which one are you going to allow to become a habit in your life and in your leadership? 

Oftentimes, as leaders, what we do is we think we've said it once. Here's what I know, on average, it takes seven times to hear something, before we hear it the first time. This means as a leader, you may have to say it 700 times before someone hears it for the first time. 

What do you need to get back to in order to create winning as a habit? Not necessarily trying something new, maybe a new way. 

What are the lessons from leadership, from your wall? 

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Episode 229 Solving the People Problem with Brett Cooper and Evans Kerrigan

Episode 229 Solving the People Problem with Brett Cooper and Evans Kerrigan

April 6, 2021

In this week's episode, we welcome special guests Brett Cooper and Evans Kerrigan of Integris Performance Advisors.

They are sharing with Mike about their book Solving The People Problem

Brett says, the reason they wrote this book was that journey that they were on, had got to the point where they realized there's a lot of people still making the kind of mistakes that we saw people making 10 years ago, 15 years ago, 20 years ago.

They want to improve employee engagement and improve employee satisfaction. 

Evan shares, "Because all too often there's kind of that dichotomy that people set up between hard skills and soft skills. And the reality is, the soft skills are the hard skills, it's really easy to design something and let it work from there, it's really hard to actually get people to be able to communicate openly, honestly, to really get at the biggest issues we're facing is organizations."

They believe that people aren't the problem the processes are the problem. In almost every single case, there are problems with how people communicate with one another how they work well together. And what that friction is that gets in the way of us actually getting the work done and that is more of the issue.

If you as a leader can understand both your own style and the styles of others, you're going to be so much more effective at making room so you get the best out of everybody on your team.

You can learn more about Brett and Evans at Integris Performance Advisors

Brett Cooper on LinkedIn

Evans Kerrigan on LinkedIn

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Episode 228 4 End of Quarter Adjustments to Win the First Half

Episode 228 4 End of Quarter Adjustments to Win the First Half

April 1, 2021

Mike is teaching four adjustments we need to make at the of end-of-quarter to win the first half.

Daily Compass Quarterly Planner is a tool that he uses daily to reach his goals and to stay on track. Use this tool to write down your goals and dreams so as not to lose sight of them.

#1 GET REAL - You have to get real about your progress, success, and lack of success. Be real about your mindset. Listen in the learn the REAL areas we must adjust. 

#2 GET CLEAR - About your dreams and goals. Have a clear vision of what you want your life to look like.

#3 GET SMART - You have to get smart about your path forward. You have to be smart and plan for your vision.

#4 GET A WIND-UP CLOCK - By this Mike means you have to adjust every day to stay on the path to reach those goals. You have to keep them in front of you so that you don't lose momentum before you reach them.

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