The Lead Up Podcast

Episode 133 How Leaders Build An Online Brand with Dave Gambrill

July 9, 2019

As leaders our brand is important. Even if you work for an organization and aren't an entrepreneur, your online presence says a lot about you, your beliefs and the value you add to the world. 

I believe all leaders should be aware of this and learn how to add value while building your own personal brand in the social media stratosphere. 

However, I am a rookie and still learning. My guest Dave Gambrill is a pro and I have watched him over the last few years create a huge presence and brand and go from someone like me, to sharing the table with major leaders in the marketplace due to his consistent message and brand building. 

In my conversation with Dave, he shares with us what we should be thinking, doing and building to create our future network and net-worth. 

If you are overwhelmed by all the resources our there, Dave is one of the best resources I know to learn what is best in class. He has a guide for you at you can download as a gift for listening.

Also you can find Dave in his Private Digital Media Mentoring Facebook Group


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