The Lead Up Podcast

Episode 137 Which Position Do You Play In Life

July 22, 2019

I've really found that there's there's four types of people in life, and there are four types of leaders.

I love the quote that I learned many years ago from Zig Zigler. He said if you help enough other people get more of what they want, You'll get a whole lot more of what you want.

Think about that for a minute, we cannot give what we do not have. But we will give what we do have. Meaning if you're putting negativity into your thoughts. If you're consuming negativity, If you're consuming constant negative news or any of the other news, it just buckets buckets of negativity.

If that's what you're consuming, If you're consuming things that are negative, whether it be through TV, or news media, or social media, which is where we a lot of people consume their information today then you will share this with others. 

Another category or maybe you know, someone like this in life, they only ask you for something when they need it, you know, they're only nice to you when they need help, Right?

If you lead this type of person, your your job as a leader is to increase your influence with them, Begin to hold them accountable, begin to attach, what they do to a purpose connect to their heart, ask them to raise the bar, continue to raise the bar hold the bar high.

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