The Lead Up Podcast

Episode 138 Can You Punch Fear in the Mouth

July 24, 2019

Do you experience fear? What scares you? What is fear?

Those are some questions we have to answer. Look, I haven't met anyone yet that hasn't experienced fear in their or, is not currently experiencing some fear in their life, whether it's a CEO of an organization fearing for his job, because he's not, you know, the board maybe doesn't have board support, he or she doesn't have board support, or, you know, they work for a for profit corporation. There is pressure from all sides.

There is a fear of, can the business continue to go and grow? And, provide for the staff we have? So what is fear?

Fear is not fake. It's a real, it's an experienced emotion. It's real to you. I love the quote from Will Smith and the movie After Earth.

What I've got to make sure of is I Don't let what's going on between my ears, create chaos for me, and create more fear for me.

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