The Lead Up Podcast

Episode 140 5 Ways to Jump Start Your Leadership

July 30, 2019

Use your perception, you may say well, I'm not very perceptive. Some people are, some people aren't, This is a skill that can be developed. 

What I want you to do is to perceive and learn, learn to see the needs around you, learn to see the problems around you. And the opportunities, there are to lead. 

Don't just point the problems out. Don't sit around and criticize the problems, get up and do something about it. But you gotta learn to be perceptive about it. See, most people are just perceptive about things that they don't have, we kind of hang on to our, our weaknesses, we hang on to the negative things that we say about ourselves, between our ears.

We have to learn to ask questions. Where can I support you? What Have you tried so far? What Have you done that's worked? What Have you done that hasn't work? Where can my experience I have work and how can I support you in that? What can I do to help you? Who can I connect you with?

Seeing this is using your supportive strengths, versus trying to fix the problems or do it for them and like me becoming impatient because they don't take action as most people wait. They're waiting on someone to do it , and I like doing things for everybody, what I want to do is teach them how to do it, and then let them own it, and move forward in that.


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