The Lead Up Podcast

Episode 141 9 Keys to Make Wednesday Perfect

August 7, 2019

I'm going to find what I focus on so, expect great things to happen. If you, if you expect bad things to happen if you expect to have miscommunications with people on your team or people in your life or people in your home, that's what you're going to get.

Your brain acts like that servo-mechanism, just like in that plane you can put the coordinates in every single day, you put the coordinates and sometimes it's out of habit just out of routine. You get up and you just kind of do the same thing every single day, but I'm challenging you to one wake up. 

Make it a regular routine for yourself every day. Put one new idea into your mind every single day. And when you do that, the the compound effect of that over time will pay off.

So you have untapped potential. But you've got to be intentional about tapping into it. You have gotta stick to your goals. Nothing good in the world comes from quitting. In the face of resistance.

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