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Episode 153 5 Reasons Why You Need Purpose as a Leader

November 5, 2019

Leadership is less about rights and more about responsibility. And purpose is what drives you,  It's why you're in leadership.

If your purpose is about making more money, that's the wrong reason. So you need to re think re-shift and find some purpose in your leadership.

I share five reasons you need purpose.

Number one purpose motivates you. Leadership is really hard. There are challenges that come our way. Our bosses are  doing one thing and saying another, the company is struggling and they're putting pressure on us. Our employees aren't doing what we need them to do. And there's all these things that are thrown at us that make leadership really hard.

It's this purpose that motivates us, right? It pulls us up, it pulls us forward. If our only purpose is to tell people what to do or to make more money our leadership is going to be minimal at best, or we won't have this positive impact and this positive influence I teach about so often.

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