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Episode 198 Launch Leadership with Allison Liddle

August 26, 2020
In this episode with Launch Leadership Coach Allison Liddle we discussed how leaders can make the next launch forward.
You will hear: I'm taking off time because this is just killing me. I love working. I love what I get to do. I feel like it's an honor. But I knew that with everything that was happening in the world. I needed to reconnect with my family, connect with myself and I needed to kind of turn everything off.
I've shifted really thinking intentionally about where I spend my time and energy.  I actually came back from my 30 days and I wrote down everything I was doing in my business. And I really evaluated why I was doing what I was doing whether or not it was getting the results that I needed them to get, and whether or not I should continue doing it or not. 
I think as leaders a lot of times we want everything to work out exactly how we picture it in our minds and unfortunately, we don't have that type of control. And so, understanding that I can control what I can control, and I get to focus on creating and designing what it looks like now.
What is this going to look like? How do we rebuild trust with people whose trust has been broken? How do we provide services to these clients in a way that they know that we've got their back and that we understand them, and we aren't doing it for us, we're doing it for them.
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Allison Liddle is a 3x best-selling author of Life Under Construction: Designing a Life You Love & The Art of Imperfect Action: All Success Comes From Daring to Begin, and Keep Going: How to Create a Champion Mindset, top motivational speaker, leadership trainer, podcast host of LAUNCH with Allison Liddle, CEO/Founder of Allison Liddle Consulting, President of Prosper Wealth Management, and mom to two awesome kids. Allison’s companies have won national industry awards and trained leaders in the Top 10 of the Fortune 500 and have been seen in Forbes, USAToday, Nerdwallet, and many more media outlets. Allison is passionate about helping high achievers launch to the next level in their lives personally and professionally so she founded LAUNCH Leadership Conference. She loves coffee, yoga, reading, and laughing. Connect with her at

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