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Episode 202 Influencer of Healthcare Leaders with Scott Becker

September 23, 2020

BIO: Scott Becker previously served on the McGuireWoods LLP Board of Partners and served for nearly 15 years as chairman of the firm’s national Healthcare department. McGuireWoods has one of the best-regarded healthcare practices in the world.

Scott is the Founder and the Publisher of Beckers Healthcare and Beckers Hospital Review and its related events and publications. Mr. Becker remains the Publisher and Chief Content Officer of Beckers HealthCare.

Scott also produces the Becker Group C-Suite Report and related media. All C-Suite efforts are wholly outside of healthcare.

Mr. Becker is a Harvard Law School Graduate and a University of Illinois undergraduate business school graduate in Finance and Accounting. He is also the author of four books and a CPA.

"I started Becker's healthcare almost 30 years ago now I was a young lawyer, literally trying to build a reputation and brand in the legal business and started a small newsletter around surgery centers."- Scott  Becker

It's really been a labor of love to watch it grow. So much of life depends on the right people and building the right teams. And that clearly has been the, you know, the understanding of what can happen to the platform that can be built. But it was really the team of people that just organized, built, and recruited that made us into a serious very successful serious little media company and great, great fun.

There's, there's so many examples of magnificent frontline leaders out there that have just stayed so focused on their mission of keeping healthcare systems vibrant and doing great while dealing with the covid pandemic there's so many of them that it's hard to mention any specific ones if forced to out start mentioning a bunch of names because there's some that I've just been really blown away with by their efforts to this fantastic effort but there's so many of them that have just done remarkable work.


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