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Episode 212 Optimizing Employee Performance with Quint Studer

December 8, 2020

This is our second episode in our series with Quint Studer, author of The Busy Leaders Handbook.

In this episode, Mike and Quint discuss Optimizing Employee Performance. Quint says," the number 1 capital we have in a company is human capital. How you make the company hum is really maximizing the human potential of your workforce."

They talk about why culture is so important. High-Performance Consistency is the key to creating the culture you desire. When you have a great culture, the people have the right behavior, even when the bosses aren't around and no one is watching it shows the values have kicked in. 

Quint talks about why investing in training your leaders is so important. You can't have consistency if you don't have training. he quotes his book, Hardwiring Excellence, "You can tell the values of an organization by the amount of money and investment they make in their middle managers." 

People need to know what right looks like, they need to know what best practices look like. Taking the time to demonstrate what right looks like that best practice is really the key to keeping consistency.

Mike and Quint also discuss turnover, reactive leadership, and much more. You don't want to miss this episode.

To learn more about Quint visit

 You can get copies of Hardwiring Excellence and The Busy Leaders Handbook here.



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