The Lead Up Podcast

Episode 218 Leaders Must See it Before Others Buy Into It

January 20, 2021

In this episode, Mike talks about having a vision for your leadership.

When a leader has no vision for themselves, their team or company they have no choice but to fall in line with others vision. Your future will be like your past if you don't change the way you do and see things.

Are you working toward a vision you have? Are you sharing your vision with others? You need to make sure you are focusing on your vision and goals daily. Try The Daily Compass Quarterly Planner to help keep you on track to making those visions a reality.

Last but not least, how are you communicating this vision to those around you? We are hosting a webinar on January 29th called Identifying Your Leader Language. Just click here to register and reserve your spot and learn more about how to communicate better to achieve your vision.



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