The Lead Up Podcast

Episode 224 3 Ways to be an Empathetic Leader

March 3, 2021

Empathy - the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. Empathy is harder for some to express because it causes them to be vulnerable, others it comes more naturally. 

Mike shares how the recent death of his sister has really changed the way he wants to be as a leader. He shares 3 ways for leaders to be empathetic and create a better relationship with those on your team.

Compassion is the first way to be an Empathetic Leader. Compassion comes easier for some people, others really have to work hard at showing and feeling compassion for others. Stepping in and experiencing someone else's feelings and understanding their suffering even when it's uncomfortable for you can take your leadership to a whole new level. 

Availability is the second way, as opposed to select-ability. What he means is you can't select who or when you are available. You have to be available even when it may be an inconvenience for you. 

The third way is support. Stepping in and just checking on people when they are struggling even when they say they don't need anything. Most people won't ask for help or tell you when you ask that they need anything. But when you do step in, it is noticed and appreciated. 


Empathy worksheet 

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