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Episode 226 5 Steps to Connect with Your Employees

March 17, 2021

Episode 226 has 5 steps you will want to use to connect with your employees. 

As we all know relationships are critical in leadership. As a leader, you have to use each step to engage and grow the relationship with your employees. 

Great leadership is a rare find. People want to work with great leaders and help them succeed. 

Listen to understand- we all know this but are you practicing this step? When employees feel heard they feel valued.

Share and share often- do you communicate in your head but not to your team? Keeping your team informed is crucial. 

Be Transparent- trust is the foundation for all relationships. You lose credibility if your team doesn't trust you. Share what you know. 

Get to know one another- Create a connection with your team. Do you know your employee's goals? As a leader don't you want to help them reach their goals? Let them get to know you. 

Celebrate positive behaviors and actions - individually and publicly. Share what you expect and when an employee accomplishes something, celebrate it. 


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