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Episode 229 Solving the People Problem with Brett Cooper and Evans Kerrigan

April 6, 2021

In this week's episode, we welcome special guests Brett Cooper and Evans Kerrigan of Integris Performance Advisors.

They are sharing with Mike about their book Solving The People Problem

Brett says, the reason they wrote this book was that journey that they were on, had got to the point where they realized there's a lot of people still making the kind of mistakes that we saw people making 10 years ago, 15 years ago, 20 years ago.

They want to improve employee engagement and improve employee satisfaction. 

Evan shares, "Because all too often there's kind of that dichotomy that people set up between hard skills and soft skills. And the reality is, the soft skills are the hard skills, it's really easy to design something and let it work from there, it's really hard to actually get people to be able to communicate openly, honestly, to really get at the biggest issues we're facing is organizations."

They believe that people aren't the problem the processes are the problem. In almost every single case, there are problems with how people communicate with one another how they work well together. And what that friction is that gets in the way of us actually getting the work done and that is more of the issue.

If you as a leader can understand both your own style and the styles of others, you're going to be so much more effective at making room so you get the best out of everybody on your team.

You can learn more about Brett and Evans at Integris Performance Advisors

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