The Lead Up Podcast

Episode 233 Health with an Attitude with Fred Kienle

May 5, 2021

We are joined by Fred Kienle on this episode of the LeadUp podcast.

Fred and Mike discuss the difference between being retired from a company and retired from life. You always have to have a purpose or you will waste away.

Fred has met many people during his 76 years and has observed that the ones who are healthier, happier, and stronger are those with good attitudes. 

If you change your attitude you can change your life.

Good leaders stop and assess themselves, they ask themselves questions and then say, 'I got to get back on board. Take a deep breath.'

Fred believes that leadership is an attitude- everyone from the CEO to the person that answers the phone. Everyone should be the best at their position. Everyone is a leader. Listen in on this inspiring conversation with Fred Keinle and Mike Harbour


Fred's books Health with an Attitude and Success with an Attitude are available on Amazon.

You can follow Fred on LinkedIn.

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