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Episode 201 5 Ways to Stand Up in Leadership

September 16, 2020
The first way you can stand up you have to stay true to your values as a leader. Now, this is assuming you know what your values are. And if you don't, then I highly recommend that you do some work on understanding what your values are.

As a leader, if you don't stand true to your values, when you're faced with the difficult decisions,  when you're faced with crisis with chaos like we've been faced with for so many months now since March of 2020, you'll get pushed around.

Trust yourself if you are growing. Make sure you've got a circle of people who can give you good advice. The advice that you get is not near as important as who you get it from.
Never quit on yourself. Never quit working to be a better leader, never quit working to be a better human, never quit working to learn more, never quit working to be a better communicator, a better team builder, never quit on yourself.
Draw lines in the sand. And don't waver on sticking up for other people. Right now in the world, there's a huge vacuum for leadership. I've been saying literally for years, the world is screaming for leadership. And that's never been more true than it's been the last six months. And right now the world is screaming for leadership. It's easy for you to shine as a leader right now, by just doing some of the simple things. 
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