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Episode 154 4 Leadership Hacks to Deal with Change

Episode 154 4 Leadership Hacks to Deal with Change

November 8, 2019

Every leader is going to have to deal with change. The one constant is change. How you deal with this change, how you communicate this change with others will ultimately determine your success as a leader.

In this episode Mike's share 4 Hacks you can follow to help you deal with the change around you. 

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Episode 153 5 Reasons Why You Need Purpose as a Leader

Episode 153 5 Reasons Why You Need Purpose as a Leader

November 5, 2019

Leadership is less about rights and more about responsibility. And purpose is what drives you,  It's why you're in leadership.

If your purpose is about making more money, that's the wrong reason. So you need to re think re-shift and find some purpose in your leadership.

I share five reasons you need purpose.

Number one purpose motivates you. Leadership is really hard. There are challenges that come our way. Our bosses are  doing one thing and saying another, the company is struggling and they're putting pressure on us. Our employees aren't doing what we need them to do. And there's all these things that are thrown at us that make leadership really hard.

It's this purpose that motivates us, right? It pulls us up, it pulls us forward. If our only purpose is to tell people what to do or to make more money our leadership is going to be minimal at best, or we won't have this positive impact and this positive influence I teach about so often.

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Episode 152 10 Must Know Leadership Competencies

Episode 152 10 Must Know Leadership Competencies

October 18, 2019

We all have areas in our leadership we need to develop and trust me I have plenty. In this episode I share with you 3 of 10 critical competencies you must develop and grow to be great as a leader. 

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Episode 151 5 Things A Leader Must Do Daily

Episode 151 5 Things A Leader Must Do Daily

October 3, 2019

The world is screaming for leadership, the people on your team are screaming for leadership. 

Are you pouring things into yourself? You cannot give what you do not have, think about that for a minute. If a man needs a drink of water, and you have none, you can't give that individual a drink of water.

So If someone needs leadership, if they need encouragement, if they need advice, and you haven't been pouring into yourself, if your cup is empty, you can give that person those things that they need.

You have to unlock the potential of others. Everybody on your team is coming into the workplace, and they have untapped potential. You have untapped potential. Everyone has untapped potential.

Episodes 150 “I” Squared Times C

Episodes 150 “I” Squared Times C

September 24, 2019

Are you creating resistance to your vision? In this episode of The Lead Up Podcast I share 3 things to practice to create momentum and make your future happen the way you want, not the way it could be if not intentionally created. 

We all experience the compound effect in our leadership. Te question for you to answer is am I creating a positive compound effect or negative. You can and do create the future you want by understanding these 3 things and then acting on them in your leadership.


Episode 149 Mind Right Leadership with Jannelle MacAulay

Episode 149 Mind Right Leadership with Jannelle MacAulay

September 19, 2019

Dr Jannell MacAulay spent 20 years in the US Air Force where she commanded the 400 member joint 305th Operations Support Squadron, was a professionalism and leadership instructor, and served as the Director of Human Performance and Leadership for the 58th Special Operations Wing. Most
recently, she serves as a Human Performance consultant for the US Air Force, Department of Justice, and corporate America.

Her latest venture is a partnership with Pete Carroll, the coach of the Seattle Seahawks & Dr Michael Gervais, a world-class sports psychologist. Combining their expert work with the NFL, Olympians, and the military, they’ve developed an effective, performance-based warrior mindset training experience for individuals and organizations called Warrior’s Edge.

She is a graduate of the US Air Force Academy, has a Masters Degree in Kinesiology and a PhD with work in the field of strategic health & human performance. Dr MacAulay is a certified wellness educator, yoga instructor, mindfulness researcher, and holds a certificate in plant based nutrition. She is a mother of two, and a combat veteran with over 3000 flying hours as a pilot in the C-21, C-130, & KC-10 aircraft.

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Episode 148 FEARS of Friday the 13th

Episode 148 FEARS of Friday the 13th

September 13, 2019

The freaks come out at night. The freaks come out at night. 

Scary people the crazies the freaks come out. On Friday, the 13th, and especially when it's a full moon.

What are the fears that have been conditioned into us? "Fears are educated into us. And if we wish if you wish, can be educated out of us can be educated out of you." 

Maybe you fear you fear someone on your team, that you can't trust them. And you have this emotion, you have this visceral reaction that creates an energy within you. And you're going to act from that emotion versus examining your thinking first. IF I fear what someone may do, and I have this emotion, I'm going to treat you a certain way if that's you. I'm going to withhold myself from you my best from you as a leader.

I share a formula to help you overcome your FEARS.



Episode 147 Lead Up Guest Jennifer McClure

Episode 147 Lead Up Guest Jennifer McClure

August 29, 2019

Jennifer McClure is an entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and high performance coach who works with leaders to leverage their influence, increase their impact, and accelerate results.

Jennifer is also the Chief Excitement Officer of DisruptHR, a global community designed to move the collective thinking forward when it comes to talent in the workplace, and she hosts a weekly podcast – Impact Makers with Jennifer McClure – sharing conversations with practitioners, entrepreneurs, authors and speakers who are changing the world while building careers that they love, and lives that matter.

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Episode 146 8 Factors to Consider When You Face Adversity

Episode 146 8 Factors to Consider When You Face Adversity

August 27, 2019

momentum can shift. And So for us, we're going to you're going to face adversity, You know that right now. Leadership, the leaders have to be able to move through that adversity.

And move your teams through that adversity, and keep them moving toward the goals, the vision, and the mission of the organization. In this episode I share with you eight factors to consider when you face adversity, Here's the first one, adversity creates an advantage.

Enjoy listening in to this teaching and make sure you grab the Sweet 16 Ways to Live On Purpose

Episode 145 Interview with Lead Up Guest Todd Palmer

Episode 145 Interview with Lead Up Guest Todd Palmer

August 25, 2019

Todd Palmer is a renowned thought leader/CEO, executive coach and author who is committed to Improving Lives. As a successful entrepreneur and business owner, he works with both individuals and companies to support corporate growth, foster business start-ups and guide leaders in the areas of talent management, workforce planning and organizational development.

As the CEO of a 6-time INC 5000 company, Todd knows the struggles that businesses face around the areas of people, cash, strategy & execution. Through his firm Extraordinary Advisors, Todd is able to guide leaders into programs of sustained profitability.